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Tested Mac Advice That Really Works

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Mac Problem

Try This!


Key Commands Don't Work

(contr. by Athene Bitting)

☞ Apple symbol
  ☞ System Preferences
    ☞ Keyboard
      ☞ Keyboard Shortcuts
        ☞ click: Restore Defaults

☆ Select each item. Then click the "Restore Defaults" button.
☆ That should do it, unless you have moisture in your keyboard.
☆ In that case, you have to let the keyboard dry out some more,
prefereably unhooked from the computer.

Trash Won't Empty

(contr. by Athene Bitting)
Make sure you are in the Finder, not some other application.

☞ Left-click over trash icon.
  ☞ select:
    Empty Trash

☞ (in Finder) Help
  ☞ type: trash
    ☞ select from menu:
      Empty Trash

☞ control + shift + command + delete (regular)

☆ If you have a Left-click mouse, then you don't have to be in the Finder.
☆ Just clicking over the Trash icon will zip you into empty trash heaven.

☆ [MOUSE METHOD] Click "Help" at the top bar on the desktop Finder
☆ Then type "trash" into the text box, usually the menu should pop up when you type the first "t".
☆ A drop-down menu will appear; select "Empty Trash".
☆ The stubborn files will empty from the trash file.

☆ [KEY METHOD] Use the "delete" key on the main keyboard, not the one on the side.
☆ This will immediately popup the window to select "permanently remove trash?".

Capture/copy the Image of a Web Page

(contr. by MacRumours: Guides)

☞ open Preview
  ☞ File
    ☞ Take Screen Shot
      ☞ select from menu:
        ☞ From Window...
              From Selection...

☆ Open your browser to the web page that you want to save as a picture.
☆ Open Preview.
☆ Select each item in Preview's top navigation bar.
☆ The browser window will gray-out.

☆ [WINDOW] a little camera will be your mouse icon.
☆ Click on the window that you want to copy as an image.
☆ The image (a png) will look exactly like the web browser page in all details, so look for this.
☆ Save the image and watch carefully where the file goes.

☆ [SELECTION] a selection crosshair will appear.
☆ Drag over the window area that you want to copy as an image.
☆ Save the image and watch carefully where the file goes.