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Goddess Enterprises Began

in the 90's with editing, desktop publishing, translating, and typesetting. We were a team of 4 friends—2 gals who translated books into English from Spanish and German, an English professor who did final proofreading, and Athene who did bookkeeping, rough editing, graphics, and typesetting.

When the office burned down in a 1996 fire storm, it seemed to be a good reason for change. We went on to new things. So now, it's just Athene, who never stopped fiddling around on computers, but learned how to be a programmer.

Beautiful things are fun to make, and making websites is lots of fun. Athene works on graphics for ads and writes text as well. You can find out more about Web Developer Athene on her LinkedIn page.

Sudip Singh is an amazing Software Engineer from Kathmandu, and he is our new partner at GE, making functionality a cutting edge experience!
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Athene's graphics gallery Athene Bitting at LinkedIn.com Sudip Singh at LinkedIn.com